About Us

M2 Machines Apparel - Details like No other!

    Since 2007, M2 Machines has been making a name for itself in the collectible die cast market. We have done this by producing our own 100% new die cast cars. By creating our own cars from the beginning, we are able to pour into them our creativity, unique features, and options not normally seen in this small scale and price point. M2 Machines die cast, ‚ÄúDetails like No other!"

    In the past, the only way to obtain any M2 apparel was to either work for the company or to purchase products at one of the shows attended by M2. That was until NOW! M2 Auto-Apparel is the official site to get your 100% authentic M2 Machines merchandise. You will find everything from t-shirts, hats, stickers and even shop rags branded with the M2 Machines logo. You collect M2, now wear M2!!!


     More Information: All of the products you see on this website are available for purchase to the public. However, there is a purchasing window that limits online users to a 2 week period to purchase our apparel. This gives us time to fulfill all the orders and get them shipped out simultaneously and efficiently. The M2 cast will announce the next opening of the purchasing window throughout our available social media and websites. Ultimately, we here at Castline would like to give back to the great and loyal community that we have been blessed to create over the years.